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My M&S Mini Haul

Have you got your Sparks card yet?  It's worth it if you like M&S as I found out today.  I popped in to get a new bra, as you do. At the same time I wanted to look at the faux pearl rope necklace here that bloggers are swanning through my IG feed wearing, looking 1920's glamorous. I did not find this necklace knotted and maybe it doesn't actually come knotted but I did find a long faux set and assume it is one and the same. If not I can easily knot it.  At £15 it will be a great addition to my work wardrobe.

Whilst in the store I spotted this shopper here in black.

 I have been on the search for a decent sized black bag for work. One that will take my kindle, umbrella etc etc etc the kitchen sink plus complete plumbing network, and shoes if need be. This, which reminds  me of a Michael Kors wannabe, is ideal.  Not leather, and to be honest doesn't look leather despite the description, but priced reasonably and zipped.  I do insist that my work bags are zipper bags as I am paranoid about trains and undergrounds and crowded places with many fingers.
To give you an idea of scale here it is on me, as I wear my Saturday grunge, sorry.

At check out this lot, including bra, came to £90 odd.  Sparks holders have a 20% discount today, I found, which took it to £73.  I also had £50 in vouchers as I am a M&S credit card holder.

My haul cost me the grand sum of £23.  I cannot grumble.

shopper here 
faux pearl rope necklace here 


  1. Oh I think you got some lovely things! And I'm like you, I want bags that zip. Too many opportunities for things to go wrong when they don't!

  2. Man! Nice haul. Surprisingly difficult to find just the right bag. I'm still on the hunt. Never heard of Sparks. I don't think we have that in Utah. Also, pearls are classic! Faux or real. They always look good.


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