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My Beach-ready Tan

I have a new habit.  The tanning habit. No, I haven't started worshipping The Golden Orb in the sky but I am super organised this summer.  I am a beach babe. I am golden, lythe and poolside ready every moment of the day, just in case. My body is ready to up and go to the sea in the event someone at work suggests leaving London and environs and heading to St Tropez.  Look,  it could happen!

How have I managed to have my body on beach cocktails standby? Simply by applying self tan every morning. I am sun adverse. By that I mean I love being out in the sun but smother myself in factor max (description not a brand.)

I have bought Tan Luxe. 

 A drop in my hand mixed into my normal body lotion  is applied to legs arms chest shoulders feet after every morning shower.  Simples!  I also have a face bottle and add half a drop to my morning moisturiser. My colleagues have got used to me gradually getting browner during the day. 

I love these products.  I love them because I don't have to replace my normal products with self tan.  I love them as I can add drops to my spf uva&b factor max sun screen and I can tan.  I love them because they do not smell.  

I bought these from QVC and  I will buy them  again.  Comments from my beauty therapist and my colleagues are positive and the consensus is that my generated tan is 'natural looking', although the jury is still out on how natural it is to tan during the day in the office. Still the more traditional of you could add this to your nightcream. I'm just eccentric.


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