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Finally I have finished my Dr Perricone Nutritive Cleanser, only to start another one.  I have a queue of the things. Not because I'd particularly rave about it but they came in sets of his facial wizardry  that I had particularly wanted. 

What do I think of this  cleanser?    I do prefer a wash to creme cleansers so that's a tick. I feel clean but not dried out after using it,  another tick.  The ingredients list looks like the product would be doing me good, ie DMEA, Alpha Lipoic Acid, tick.  It's paraben free according to the blurb, tick. The negative is that it does not remove my eye make up.   OK so what does?  Isn't that why there are separate eye makeup removers?  I hear you ask me.   Yes,  but I'm lazy.  I want one product.  At the end of the day I'm tired and want to cut my routine.  The result at the moment is that in the morning I look like a panda. I have  eyeliner and mascara smudges around my eyes even though I looked perfectly clean after cleansing the night before. 

 Let's not be harsh. Maybe all cleansers will have the same result.   So on to the next cleanser.

I recently opened a pot of Elemis cleansing balm. It smells divine with aromas of rosemary and other herbal hocus pocus. This balm melts on the face.  You can see it dissolving make up before your very eyes.  It also smears my eye make up around my cheeks leaving me wondering whether I'm cleaning or relocating. Still the feel of my skin after using it is one of wholesome and waxy plumpness.  Yet, in the morning I'm a panda.

I'm using this product now on non- heavy makeup days because, honestly, I adore the smell, and the feel of my skin after using it. I did seek advice on this cleanser from my salon therapist; it is an Elemis salon.  She told me that it is recommended to use a damp muslin cloth to wash this product off. 

Talking of muslin cloths, I have been using a few Liz Earle muslins for a few years and my stock needed replacing. I bought this pack of two Champney ones from Boots this week. Having used muslin for a while now I really would not wash my cleanser off with anything else.  To me they are part of the routine being mildly abrasive. 

A further cleanser I have open at home is Alpha H's Balancing cleanser.  This is one that is in my girl's bathroom as its particularly good for young hormonal skins, I am told.  With a pump of this on my moistened face I was once again cleansed, not taute, so again a tick,  but yet again in the morning a panda appeared in the mirror. Again paraben free according to my google search.

I also have open a SBC cream wash cleanser.  SBC is natural ingrediants and websites say paraben free.

  My face felt again clean and not taute but Mrs Panda was once again vistiting me in the morning. 

I consulted my salon therapist who told me that I really should get an eye make up remover darn, there goes my great plan of an all in one but that a cheap one is just as good as a high end brand for removing eye make-up.   She sent me off to buy a Nivea one.  The trick according to her is to dampen a remover pad or cotton wool first with water then add the eye make up remover to the pad and apply to the eye by holding it over the closed eye and gently wipe away.  However I bought this Micellar Water which says it is suitable for eyes.  As its a water I won't do the advised pad dampening as that was meant for the traditional eye make up removers.

It's clear that I have some good middle of the price range brands.  They all are on a par regarding parabens, cleansing and not drying.  Non are the miracle product regarding my eye makeup.

I decided that the issue was the waterproof nature of my eyeliners.  I tried a non-waterproof one. By lunch time I looked like this.

Is it possible to have the best of all worlds? You tell me. Have you found the miracle all in one that removes waterproof eyeliner?  


  1. Oh dear Anna. I do love your panda eye model you've used? So funny and a touch irreverent - I like the way you think!

    And I think I can help you. Clarins!
    Back in February I wrote a post which I think you might like. The Lazy Girl's Approach to Cleansing. Isn't that just what you're looking for? I am that Lazy Girl so, with make up as in everything in my life, if it ain't quick and easy it ain't gonna get done!
    Clarins Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is quick, easy and effective and would have removed even Dusty's gorgeous sludge back in the day had it been around then - goodness knows what she used ... if anything at all. Actually I think I read at the time that she just let it build up.

    Anyway, back to this millennium and the Clarins stuff - I recommend it. Hubby hasn't woken up beside a panda in years ...
    The Body Shop apparently does a good one too. I bought a little bottle to try whilst on holiday recently, but then carried on using Clarins so have yet to try it.
    BTW, if you read the post, you'll see that I am besotted with their cleanser too. It's quick, tick; it's easy, tock. Can't tell you if it ticks the paraben box though, dunno what they are so they don't make it onto my checklist. In fact, my checklist is comprised of two criteria ... Quick. Easy.
    Apologies for long comment, quick and easy is slow and laborious to explain.

  2. P.s. (as if my above comment wasn't already hoggin' the bloggin') just read your final bit. For years I used the Clarins cleanser to effectively clean off eye makeup too but then a Clarins lady in Eastbourne told me it shouldn't be used for eyes. So I obeyed the rules and now use the product designed for that pupose as I'm v.protective of my eyes.

    1. Thanks, maybe my problem is that I like a wash and maybe they just aren't strong enough for eye liner and mascara. I have a bottle of Gatineau that I will be trying soon and I will add Clarins to my list to try. Thanks for hogging the blogging.


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