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Do you do Vacation only Clothing Too.

Do you have items that are only for holidays?  Maybe it's a phenomenon of me,  or being British, but I do. These more frivolous items are tucked away under a bed  for 11 months of the year. I  have little need in UK suburbia  for tankinis.  We do have an outside lido near our home  but I haven't been since the children grew up and I'm not one for swimwear in the garden.  It would put the hens off laying!

I suppose  the lack of opportunity to wear these floaty, flimsy or bright items  leads me to overpack when we do go away.  I  grasp the  chance  to wear the rediscovered from under the bed and let out  my inner Zandra Rhodes.  Sadly she is subdued again  as soon as I unpack back in blighty. 

Here are the items I'm  packing away this year  for fear of neighbourly ridicule.

3 lots of swimwear (no need for and no figure for)

1 white shirt,  you know the one (my cul de sac wouldn't understand the je ne sais quoi of said shirt )

2 white holiday evening dresses and 1
pinkish cotton maxi (too Costa Med for Sussex)

Sun hats (I'll wear my Barmah in the UK instead)

Gold Havianas (love them, why spoil them in UK muddy garden)

Yellow sundress (wouldn't even suit a trip to Brighton )

Items I may test at home, gingerly

Shorts (I'll see whether a heatwave brings a tide of shorts walking around the high street or sitting in pub gardens )

Harem trousers  (currently fashionable)

Black knee length shorts  (perhaps for pub meal)

Items that I will wear in the UK (if summer sticks around)

Less vibrant coloured maxi  dresses i.e. grey and  navy (always safe in the UK )

T shirts (ubiquitous )

Now your thoughts.  A couple of questions. Do you have vacation only clothing, and how would you amend the list?


  1. I really only use my swimsuits on vacation, as we do not live near anyplace to swim. And occasionally, I'll buy something new to take on vacation as a treat, but then it just goes into the rotation of my normal clothes ...

    1. I wish my lifestyle and where I live was more accomodative regarding my inner Zandra.

  2. Nice post, Anna. Diaphanous kaftans. I've collected a few over the years. They look acceptable swanning around a hot resort pool; they look Sad Marbella on the beach at home. So they get used rarely as we don't do hot pool holidays now!
    I do like that I immediately become more adventurous and creative working from my holiday suitcase. I end of wearing what pans out as a v. casual capsule suitcase and I come home with loads of unused (usually smarter) items. I should haved faith in my inner Zandra when packing, she does tend to leap out of that open suitcase, eh?!!
    BTW, I had techy probs yesterday so have left you apologetic message my blog. Hope your coops are sparkling now!

    1. I have a few kaftans that would be worn in the UK over jeans in the summer. I guess it depends on how diaphanous you are meaning. Mine are more the sort that were in the shops last year.

  3. I have a box of clothes I use exclusively for travel...expensive brands bought on sale or clearance that are lightweight and don't wrinkle. Opening the box when I start to pack for a trip is like running into an old friend.

    1. I know what you mean. There is an excitement element to uncovering these hidden items. Its very organised of you to have only wrinkle free. A very good idea. We had to ask for an iron as soon as we arrived.

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