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Holiday Dressing Diary part 2

Dear reader,  I'm disappointed.  So many holiday clothes brought,  so little opportunity to wear them.  My head and heart have spent the week in a tug of war, figure and funds or fashionsta.  Given my hard work to lose weight and the lack of cash card,  which took 9 days to arrive,  figure and funds won. 

The lifestyle we led, being largely self catering, meant little opportunity to dress up. Quite frankly it seems people don't so much these days.  If you are reading this prior to going away,  take note.  We stayed in a family resort,  4 star,  and anything went for evening wear,  shorts and t-shirts to casual maxi dresses.  Add a bit of bling on the wrists to show a bit of effort.  Easy but sad.  Ten years ago we would have looked out of place not dressed up.  Now we stand out for the wrong reasons dressed smart. 

I made that mistake last night to eat in the hotel.  This would have passed muster in a smart restaurant in the locale but for the family hotel I stood out like a multicoloured meerkat.

As for the rest of the past week,  I've worn my yellow Boden shorts,  because I wanted to.  This item was less mix and matchable but I liked them.  That's it. I bought them and brought them because I like them.

I wore a Sainsbury's Tu dress for sightseeing, and

this week I got further use from the cream Boden chino shorts, white shirt,  T-shirts and swimwear plus Fitflops.

My old M&S khaki shorts and the Mr Him dip dyed T-shirt made further outings.

Finally, my new beloved Havianas that I bought in the UK for pool wear.  So comfortable and indispensable.

Separates of shorts and t-shirts with a few dresses thrown in are the way I have gone in practice over the 2 weeks.  Not a maxi dress in sight, yet I brought 3. It was just too sticky to want to cover my legs.

How about you?  What do you find indispensable on holiday.  


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. Now it's back to drudgery for the office. It was fun to play dress up for 2 weeks .

  2. Looking good. You now wear whatever is comfortable and serviceable.

    1. Thank you. It's back to office wear now. My playing dress up is done.

  3. A great blog, Anna. You are looking wonderful in your shorts and that Tu dress looks the perfect slip-on summer dress. Like you I still pack stuff for smart casual evenings out but we never seem to go out any more (probably an age thing!) Much comes home unused because I slip into casual mood by the time I reach the hotel. uber casual seems so widespread and as you say, making a little more effort than merely slipping on a bangle takes one into meerkat territory. But all that doesn't stop me smartning up and standing out when I feel like it, but that tends to be so much less than at home.
    My indispensable is a black sleeved next modal top, it can go anywhere, so it goes everywhere with me.
    Wishing you a good trip back. Let's hope your pilot isn't using Pokemon Go to navigate to the Gatwick Pokestop!

    1. Haha. Well he took a detour so may well have done.

  4. Sainsbury's sell clothes??????? How things must have changed.

    1. Very good clothes too. Gok wan has a range there and the Sainsbury's own Tu range has some decent bits, like that dress for instance. I love it and it was about £18 I think.

    2. It is a great dress - pity Sainsburys is 12,000 miles away!!!!!

  5. Thanks for joining the Ageless Style Link up party.


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