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Poolside Cover Up

This year I've tried a new item of apparel on holiday.  Apparel, not Aperol,  although yes,  also tried.  It was recommended to me that a man's shirt is a good pool cover up.

Thinking this a good idea I bought myself an extra long small necked white man's shirt.  I chopped the collar to make a  rough edged grandad collar.  I chopped the cuffs to reduce bulk and now I have a pool cover up that is neutral in colour and well,  does the job , and Mr Him has called 'chic, my dear.'

I have worn this shirt on this vacation for 2 days so far, to go to the pool and pool bar.  It works. In fact I am very taken with the convenience and,  if i say so myself, I do think an elegant solution now I'm here and wearing it.

I bought my shirt from M&S  in the UK and it's available online. It's non iron and easy to wash out as required.

When we get back to the UK I may allow Mr Him to dip dye it make it more interesting.  I'm thinking a dip of cream.  I want to keep a neutral theme colour as it's more useful with patterned swimwear that way.


  1. Great idea. There's something alluringly Bond Girl about a lady in a man's shirt. Enjoy the poolside martinis with Him, Mr Him!

    1. Love Him, Mr Him! Had a bit of fun with that yesterday, over Campari, shaken, not stirred.

  2. apparel not aperol, I had to laugh!

    1. Sadly only one bar has had aperol and that was on that 'long ' walk. I'm not going looking for it again!


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