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You Can Count on It - OPI

When it comes to nails OPI is the one for me.   I'm talking lacquer not gel.  I haven't tried gel at all so can't comment.

I have just bought this pink.

 It seems quite a warm pink and one that is very current for this summer, thinking Pantone Rose Quartz, in fact I think its a perfect match.  If nothing else of me is bang on trend (8 year old skirt, 3 year old blouse) at least my nails are as I return to work and back to black. 

If you are looking for a particular colour, (such as this one  called You Can Count on It) in OPI varnish then Amazon is a good place to search.  The chances of a store having 'the one' is remote in my experience. 


  1. Oh that's a lovely pink shade! Wear it in good health.

  2. It's a lovely pink, well I love pink.

  3. Oh my, how bang-on-trend are you. Wishing you a happy return to work!

  4. Thank you all. Have I inspired anyone to get this shade?


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