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Accidental Boho

Before starting my main piece I want to tell you that I found a lovely black moto jacket in H&M if you are thinking of getting one.  I also found a white T very very similar to my M&S one.  It is scoop necked, a modal type material and has a pocket.  You may wish to browse.

So on to today's feature.

Saturday,  a day of chores,  saw me grab old clothes without a thought. A pair of boot cut jeans, that once straights came in had become gardening trousers, and an 8 year old t-shirt.

I glanced in the full length mirror on my way downstairs with the laundry. Boho I thought.  Totally accidentally I had created a modem vintage boho look. I grabbed a long bead necklace and had an outfit instagram friendly from one previously  designated to cleaning the kitchen sink. 

How economical is that!

Here's a challenge for you.  Create a modern look from old items and post on your blogs, if you have one. If not do it anyway just to feel smug and thrifty. Let's reinvent our cleaning clothes and give them an airing .


  1. Now there's a fun dare! Just what I need after my 8-day holiday posting challenge. I'm in - I just may throw in a pout for good measure!


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