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Brighton and BBQ Outfits and More

How was your weekend ? If you've been reading my Anna blog you'll know I ventured  up the i360 and had a walk around Brighton beach.  It was Pride so very busy helped by the temperature of 26c.

Do you remember me saying that in the UK I'd wear navy and grey in a  maxi rather than Zandra Rhodes holiday flamboyance?  Well this is what I mean. 

Ironically I had bought this dress for€15 in Tenerife but it's colours are idea for me in the UK.  I don't stand out like a very sunburnt thumb.  Even though it was the Pride March I still would rather the floats were the spectacle than me. 

I was very taken with these BA deck chairs and lost myself in the stripes wearing my BA colours down to the shoes

I hadn't put suncream on and got a burnt décolleté.   This turned out to be a theme for the weekend.  On Sunday Mr Him and I went to friends for a bbq.  It started off cloudy but cleared in the afternoon and Mr Him got sunburnt on his forehead.  Neither of us burnt in Tenerife as we used factor 50 generally.  Ironic isn't it.  I'm a fan of Ultrasun. I have to remember put it on at weekends here. 

For the bbq lunch I wore cropped trousers and a M&S broderie anglais blouse.  The blouse was a this year purchase in off-white colour. Sadly it's no longer available so can't send you after it. 

I'm going to try to add a little video too.  I've been doing those little Mystory on Instagram and rather then waste my efforts I'm trying to pull them into my blog. You'll have to let me know whether I'm successful.  It could be like the Emperor's new clothes and you all think you are the only one that can't make the video show.  Below is a video, if you are unable to see it is from your phone.  It's better on my pc then phone. The quality is not brilliant.  

A few blogs ago I talked of my Sainsbury's Moto jacket.  I've seen them advertise another one now so back in stock.  This is a lovely colour but  I am not buying.  I have enough jackets now but you may wish to take a look. 


  1. Nice outfits, I've never been to a Pride parade but I think I went to a gay bar way back in the eighties, don't ask me why!


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