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Cajun Shrimp - OPI

Did the promised heatwave arrive?  Did it heck!  The Spanish plume was pushed aside by the wind from the east and the temperature was a moderate 23c.

My beautiful sandal ready pedi-varnish was hidden in my keep cool tights and office shoes.

By Tuesday I decided that I needed,  absolutely needed to, flaunt this beautiful colour so set to work on my fingernails. 

On Wednesday I was in a meeting with two female colleagues.  One on my left was wearing a similar colour.  At one point in the meeting we both reached our hands out towards each other to make a point about a business process. The lady opposite laughed and remarked on the varnish.  I said OPI Cajun Shrimp. The lady next to me looked at the spreadsheet on the screen and looking puzzled exclaimed at why that process was called the Cajun Shrimp. 

I give you my day wearing Cajun Shrimp.

Off to work

Arrived in the office,

and time for breakfast

and a change of footwear to become office vixen

Finally time for catching a train home.

Are you tempted with this colour?  It seems readily available online from a variety of online stores.  Go ahead treat yourself and let your fingers to the talking. 


  1. you look fabulous, love the cajun shrimp colour!

  2. Pretty nails with lovely red polish marching shoes and cool breakfast


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