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Fatface Sale

Yesterday I showed you my accidental boho.  Today I'm going to tell you my experience of purposefully trying boho.  In short, it was a fail. I went into Fatface as I noticed a sale on and that's always tempting, isn't it.  I grabbed 6 items to try on. Four peasant style tops or and 2 trousers. 

The tops.  Well, they all cried "Frump" loudly, very loudly, to me as I tried them on. I think it's the combination of the wide neckline and swathes of material from above the bustline. To my mind tall and slim, and young, is the market for this style, and that I'm not. 

The trousers on the other hand.  I had looked at the olive cargo trousers in the spring and baulked at the price  (£40.)  I know,  not a lot really, but I didn't need them so the price was too high for me as a nice to have item. Now,  here's the thing.  They are now  £15. 

Yes  £15!

Yes, I bought them, did I heck!  They are now the price of a couple of rounds of drinks at the pub (for Mr Him and I) rather than a meal for two.  The style is similar to my green M&S joggers ( how many green trousers does one need...don't answer that,  lots ) but these ones in the heavier weight are suitable for wearing through the autumn with trainers, brogues or, my favourite middle season footwear, loafers.  I can't see them with ankle boots or boots generally. 

Here's a link for online purchasing.

The other pair of trousers were the same as the olive ones but in navy.  They came up a bit larger on me and I thought were not going to add variety to my Spring/Autumn wardrobe as I can always wear jeans with whatever I'd wear blue cargos with. 


  1. I think you've hit it on the nail, Anna. Boho is eclectic and comes from the heart. You can't buy-in boho. It's created randomly, as in your inspirational use of beads with garden-workwear. I'm certainly fired up to follow your lead with my garden-gear.


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