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My Slimming World Adventure

I promised an update to my eating blogs.  Well my Deliciously Ella phase continues but with the addition of Slimming World.  I found that as Deliciously Ella is an eating style it was not going to help me lose weight beyond the initial few weeks.  Slimming World has enabled the weight loss to continue and in places that I wanted to lose.  I have a flatter tummy and I'm generally losing inches around the abdomen and waistline. The similarities are plenty of vegetables, fruit, potatoes.  Dried not fresh pasta is allowed on Slimming World but Deliciously Ella would go gluten free.  Lean meat and fish in unlimited quantities on Slimming World but Deliciously Ella is vegan.  My  Deliously Ella meals generally are Slimming World compatible but not the other way around, obviously due to Ella's vegan and gluten free ethos.

Before I went to Tenerife I lost half a stone using Slimming World.  Inevitably I was going to put on weight whilst away, and I did, but I felt better about starting that gluttony from a lower base. Back home and I am now on the diet once again and Mr Him has joined me, in word if not deed.  Today  he bought himself a quorn pie with the aim it would be low fat and calorie and therefore Slimming World appropriate.  It was 700 calories.  I found this out when I heard him swear from the fridge as he was putting the shopping away.  He hadn't factored in the pastry!

What am I eating?

Breakfast is oats soaked in mullerlight yogurt.  At weekends it may be brown toast and an egg, sometimes with spinach.  I tried wholemeal toast and cottage cheese and banana one morning.  It was bland.

Lunch  is often based around smoked salmon, cottage cheese and  slimming world home made chips.

Once I made a potato salad for the office with cottage cheese instead of mayonnaise. It worked, in that it was filling and I ate it with smoked salmon.

Sometimes I have left over Heck Chicken sausages cold for my office lunch with cold potatoes.   Have you discovered Heck?  The chicken sausages are low fat and we eat those once a week at the moment.  They are available in the supermarkets in the UK.

My portable left overs for work lunch

On Sunday I have made a garlic-free humous for lunch this week at work.  I'm having it with jacket potatoes. I  whizzed chickpeas, zero fat yogurt, fresh coriander (cilantro), cumin, salt and pepper.  It's quite yummy.

Mid week suppers may be an all you can eat lean beef bolognaise with  pasta, and cheese from my allowance,

or other lean meats,

 perhaps chicken and vegetables.

Saturday night we had a lamb jalfrezi and boiled rice.  This was a slimming world recipe and very tasty.  We Mr Him made enough to freeze as mid-week meals. Talking of freezing, on the same page as the jalfrezi is a recipe for a frozen vodka cocktail.  Simply cranberry juice and vodka in the freezer overnight and then whiz it.  Mr Him used cherry juice rather than cranberry.  I have to say I was delighted to find this mix in the freezer, and more delighted when it appeared in front of me on Sunday.

Why am I using Slimming World?  I know myself well enough to know that I need a discipline.  I do my best when I am on a programme.  I'm using the app rather than meetings,  and there is a weekly weigh in providing me with tracking and reminders if I don't weigh in.  There are tasty and easy recipes and various tools such as food searches and print outs.  I used the charts where you can record what you eat.  I need to go back to that as that is how I have my most success.  I signed up using the option to have magazines.  I'm enjoying those arrive in the post and using the recipes.  There are also you tube videos that other users put up and plenty of ideas, tips and inspiration from there.  Who needs a group!

 Having said all of that I also had success in the past on Weight Watchers.  Of the two I find Slimming World easier simply as you don't need to measure everything by points only the synful (sinful)  ones.

Why am I dieting at all?  In the normal course of events I put on a pound a month.  You can see for yourself where I am after a year!  Every 3 to 4 months then I need to get back down to base.  


  1. I'm like you. Need to refocus every few months. Easier to unlearn new bad habits this way!

    SSG xxx

  2. your food looks delicious and healthy, thanks for sharing! I've been eating a lot of stir fry vegetables and feeling great!

    1. Im no food blogger. My dishes are warts and all and not tidied up. I guess the thing is that they are practical, for us anyway.

  3. Very healthy and delicious food. Gave me a few ideas, thank you.

    1. Its good to share ideas whilst we are on this journey.

  4. thank you dear for sharing your tasty ideas liked them alot take care

  5. Oh my, these meals look tasty and satisfying and I love that potatoes are allowed. Never tried SW but I like the sound of no measuring. I'm sure I'm going to have to join you when I get back from a week of French cuisine!

    1. I find SW very practical and love the fact you can have chips as well as potatoes. SW recipe chips mind you.


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