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Pleather Moto

It's Tuesday and inspiration for work attire for the week expired on Monday.  I'm now tapping fingers wondering.  Actually in the office who really cares what I wear as long as it's smart, unless it's Friday and then all bets are off. 

A Friday before I went on holiday I had a reckless moment.  I wore a black moto pleather jacket. You may be wondering what a woman my age, mutton  age,  was doing with a moto jacket in the first place.  I'll tell you.  The summer of 2014 Susan at Fifty not Frumpy wrote a very good post on the pleather moto jacket for the mature woman and how,  yes, we can wear it.  The next day I saw a beautiful example in Sainsbury's so a moto jacket for  £25 found its way into my trolley, nestled amongst the spinach. 

It's been worn these past couple of years as casual wear to go out  with family and friends 

That Friday I decided to be a daredevil and wore it to work.  I tried it with a skinny scarf as you can see. 

Comments made by colleagues were 'oh you're looking really cool.' And 'you're very with it today. '   I declare the jacket office friendly and wore it again last Friday.  This time I teamed it with a white T-shirt to show off my fake tan whilst it's still holiday dark.  Excuse the feet, I did put sandals on before I left the house.

Do you have a moto jacket?  Did you consider and then dismiss as too young?  What is your reckless item?


  1. Those are great looks, Anna. Nothing mutton about that look on you. My fave is the top one. And what a lovely kitchen.
    I too bought a pleather moto the winter before last. Maybe Susan inspired me too. It was an impulse from Peacocks so not an investment piece! But goodness, I've worn it a lot. It surprised me to discover that they go with pretty much everything. The added bonus is that I feel instantly sassy when I slip it on. And the added added bonus is that they wipe clean - just up my Lazy Girl street!

    1. Looking forward to your looks on a blog post in your moto jacket.

  2. Did a few posts in the spring, with jeans and skirt. But you look so much better in yours.


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