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Slimming World post Vacation, week 2

Tomorrow is my Slimming World weigh day.  I know its just by mobile app but it is still a moment of success or fail, a record, a chart mark.  Last week I did not do well.  I had not lost a single pound.  Maybe I should have been pleased that I didn't gain.

I think I know why I didn't lose.  It may be because of the Turkish meal I went out for Monday lunchtime.   Maybe it was because of this,

or this.

What have I eaten this last week?  Well, none of the above.

I have had slimming world chips (boil potatoes for bit, slice to chip shape, lay on a baking tray with frylight spray and oven cook.), Heck chicken sausages and sweetcorn.

For work lunch one day I had baked beans, and my homemade humous, (I know a weird combination but it was garlic free and I wanted plenty to fill me up at work,) and Heck sausage.

Jacket potatoes with baked bean feature quite a bit for weekday work lunches too.

My Deliously Ella vegetable sauce on pasta was my meal Saturday lunch time.

On Sunday we had roast beef, potatoes roasted in just Frylight, some roasted vegetables in Frylight.

I've been eating mullerlight yogurts everyday for breakfast with oats and strawberries.  For snacks I'm having Alpen light bars at 70 calories each, and bananas.

I also munch on these fresh mango slices.

I tried this WW cheese triangles.  I found them flavourless. Sorry.

On the other hand this cheese spread is flavoursome.

On Saturday and Sunday evenings I treated myself to a giant marshmallow

and I had the odd glass of Aperol Spritz at the weekend.


  1. Wow, those marshmallows are big! Are they SW allowable treats or weekend naughtiness? What's their calorie content?
    Good luck tomorrow!

  2. I like the marshmallow and Aperol treats. I think treats are my downfall, the good stuff you know.

  3. The bake bean meal looks good ♥

  4. Hoping that by reading your posts perhaps some of your self control and sensible approach to eating will rub off on me...

    SSG xxx


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