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Slimming World Post Vacation week 3

My Tuesday blog is my diet blog.  Last Wednesday I weighed at half a pound lighter.  No great shakes I know.  This week I have eaten left overs for lunch, such as below,

baked beans and potatoes.  Heck sausages once a week feature still. I am still eating lots of mango slices for snacks.

On Saturday I made a version of a pizza using slices of cooked potato as a base.  Potato is free if fat free on Slimming World whereas bread isn't.

This came to about 1 1/2 syns with a little Mozzarella.  I would add onion and more herbs next time.  It didn't have a tomato paste base so needs more flavour to compensate.

On Sunday we had a nacho minced beef meal using Slimming World home made chips (which are basically the wedges described in the recipe link)  to accompany.  I used the Primula recipe here but as I couldn't find Primula light in Sainsburys I used light Laughing Cow triangles, one per person. 

Mr Him has lost 3 lb this week.


  1. Oh I do hope you are pleasantly surprised when you weigh in tomorrow.
    Must give that pizza a go. I like that you can enjoy potatoes with your SW regime
    I returned to 5:2 in the spring. I gained weight. The Photographer, who discovered he'd gained a poxy 1kg over the winter, decided to tag along. He lost a few kilos. I got annoyed and stopped dieting.
    I lost sight of the prize by being diverted by the competition.
    He's back to his fighting weight. I'm not.
    So whatever happens tomorrow, you're doing it for you.
    And you and Mr Him are both doing just great!


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