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The Little white T

There’s something about late summer that says white to me.  Maybe its that my skin can tolerate it then with a little fake tan, or the realisation that autumn is around the corner so I better wear my white whilst I can.  Looking through my pictures I can see that in the spring and early summer white did not appear in my wardrobe except as jeans or a work shirt.  From late July its featured frequently. 

I think my favourite white T that I own is this modal one from M&S that I bought 3 years ago.  It’s such a shame it’s not still available.  I’ve worn it a fair few times these last couple of months.  The material being modal seems less casual for casual Friday at work too.  

A white T and jeans is so fresh.  I wore this T on Friday to work with a long red necklace.  No, I wasn't aiming for a patriotic look!

The M&S T worn to work on Friday

Last year I bought this Next white T-shirt and so far have not worn it this year.  I’m waiting for the right moment.  It’s too see-through for the office so needs layering.  With layers its suitable for when the weather cools slightly.  In the scheme of things we will be coming up to the goldilocks time of year for this T, being a  zone of fake tan but cooler temperatures.  This also is not available any longer so I can't post a link for you. 

  I have found a picture of me wearing this T  last year, around August time (an instagram post).  I must make an effort to wear it this late summer.  I quite like this look I had put together with the crops.  The T is a good length to cover the rear when wearing tight trousers.  I had forgotten how it looks until I found this pic. 

This year I added this Gap T from the vintage wash range, and here there is a link in the UK, as it is currently available.  It should be available globally too as the vintage wash range is global.

 I have worn it here and hope it will have many years of use. It is not see-through and I like the pocket feature.  If  I were to buy this again I would size up. 

Talking of pocket feature, it was only in putting this together that I noticed that they all have pockets.  Clearly a style that I like. 

How about you, are you ekeing out white whilst you can?  What else would you eke out before autumn/fall comes?


  1. Nice post, Anna. I just love the blue jeans and white t-shirt look,it always works. And like you I like the modal version, it gives a much sleeker line. And requires zero ironing.
    Having just recently become a shorts convert, I'm going to be eke-ing out those babies for as long as I can be bothered to fake-tan my legs!

  2. white T's are indispensable in general, especially in summer!


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