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Worn during the Spanish Plume (Finally)

On Tuesday that anticipated hot air arrived  (no, not Mr Him as he does his fixing things around the house, nor me as I heard of the runnerbeans fiasco - you need to read my Anna blog posts to understand) and  I had my chance to wear my summer dresses to work.  All say hooray here. 

Being late summer the morning is chilly at 7 am and it was foggy.  I needed a light covering for my arms.  With 30 seconds to spare I was lucky enough to grab a light cotton  cardigan from my wardrobe in an appropriate colour. 

Sheer fluke. 

This led me to realise that it would be a good idea to sort through and hang them in weight order as we move into Autumn (that's done and took 5 minutes only.)

But wait!  Did I say that the Spanish plume finally arrived.  Yes. The misery of tanhand, the digging out of office summer wear,  the pedivarnish, it  got an airing, on Tuesday (and on Wednesday and Thursday. ) I even had to refer to my blog post to remind myself what I planned to wear by the third day.

Here is one of the dresses. 

As I said earlier I needed a wrap at 7 am.  I actually had 4 colleagues remark on the dress.  Either it's a particularly nice dress or it was the shock of seeing me in a dress that stirred them to compliment.  This led to another thought.  I will try to look for opportunities to wear dresses more.  Just for a change.  I'm more of a separates person.  Now I say that you'll no doubt  notice going forward.

On Wednesday I had an opportunity to wear this Uniqlo dress. (My Sydney friend SSG also has this dress for work in Sydney.) 

Both are dresses that were bought for the office during these temperatures.  I'm glad to finally get a chance to wear them this year.

Thursday saw me in an old linen Next skirt and a normal  work black top.

Note - the sandals are walking to the station wear.  I change in the office.  I have a shoe wardrobe under my desk:)

Office summer wedges

Casual Friday and I met with me wearing the Next white T I had promised myself to wear, and the M&S green joggers that apparently don't wash so well.  If that happens to me I'll try taking them back on the basis of not fit for purpose. 

Again the station walking sandals

but I did change once I was at work.


  1. I LOVE our dress on you! Can't wait for spring then summer here....

    SSG xxx

  2. Well done you for wearing what you'd planned. Doesn't always happen like that with our weather. I particularly like the stripey dress, it's wrinkles make it light and feminine and it's a great length. I can see why you've been complimented. That is a good reason to wear dresses, even if for no other. And I'm guessing with in-built design crinkles it needs no ironing :-).
    I've tried to wear dresses more often but the weather has not been very convivial or inspiring.
    Love your non-walking wedges, like the mix of materials and colour and they're perfect for that compliment-winning dress - very dainty too, sometimes wedges aren't.


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