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Candles and Diffusers

Do you use scent diffusers?  I do these days as I prefer not to have sprays but I do find myself buying the bathroom diffusers almost every other week.   I've been  using the high street names bought in the supermarket.

A friend told me that she bought a good quality brand which has lasted her close to two years.  Two years! 

With that in mind I've splurged on two The  White Company diffusers. Expensive,  yes,  but let's see if in the long run they are economic.  In the meantime they  make my cloakroom and bathroom exude the elegance of,  well the bathroom  my elegant lady of here no doubt.  Win win, potentially.  I must now insist every visitor to my house uses the downstairs cloakroom.  The postman may be surprised but a small cost if he can spread the word to my neighbours that I'm an elegant lady after all.

I've also bought a gironormous, 3 wick candle for the lounge, with tears in my eyes from the price.   Once again this was bought on the basis that the oils will be a high quality with further waftiness and longer burn. 

On another plus side I now have my own The White Company carrier bag.  Now I just need a marble cheeseboard. 


  1. Oh admit it, you just bought the smellies so you are ready with the bag! My coz gave me two 20% discount cards for TWC yesterday - maybe she is hinting that my loo is a bit sniffy.


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