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Capsule - Not

I'm doing my capsule, in a suitcase, blog today.  I know others have a good excuse to pack light and make their carry-on work as they pack for weeks away,  whilst I'm going by car and only for one paltry night,  but I can't weigh my car down with my whole autumn wardrobe  can I?  That's my excuse for capsuling.

So one small suitcase for one night away it is.

Eating out in the evening I will wear

Black crop trousers
Black M&S  block heel sandals
Snake print short sleeve top
Pleather jacket
Bracelet of some sort
Choker gold necklace
Black bag. Black bag!  Look for black bag lost in wardrobe. Give up and pack greige (who remembers that colour) bag which is a colour in my snake print. Yes, I tell myself, that will work.  I can look put together after all.

Let's take a break from this capsule packing now. Below is a pic of me wearing the snake print top and black crops from the above and practising a shelfie, whilst checking they will work together.  It needs more work clearly.  I need to tidy my room, put shoes on, wear makeup and adjust the lighting, somehow. I've learnt that a shelfie is where you put the phone on a timer on a windowsill or shelf to take a pic.  Who needs a stick or husband or photographer! Me clearly, given the below result.  I read about this technique this week and immediately wondered why I hadn't thought of this.  Having seen the result of my attempt I needn't wonder anymore.  

Back to packing

Day out Saturday
Green cargoes
Navy T (yes I am going to wear blue and green)
Wrap bracelet
layer necklace
Wool kimono  if cold
Brown leather bag

It's forecast to rain.  Activities are unknown but likely to include lunch

Day out Sunday
Burgundy Bretton
Beige leather jacket
Blue ankle boots for lunch
Trainers for walking
printed scarf
Scoop necklace
Blue bag

OK, ok, there's nothing capsule about this.  There are no repeats,  no economies, but it is capsule.... because it's for two days.  That's my excuse for calling this capsule, ( I had to find a reason to jump on the bandwagon.)


  1. P.s. just experienced premature message release. Meant to add that I hope you have a super weekend with your none-capsule.


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