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Challenge - Coral

On Saturday I wore this kimono as I said in my earlier blog.  (it's not really lopsided.  I just needed to straighten it but we  Mr Him was were in a hurry to get out the door.)

  As it happened I also threw on these sandals which coincidentally picked up the coral in the kimono.   To style the outfit down to toes  I hunted around for ages for just the right footwear (did I heck)  and finally selected  these sandals. 

I noticed how well the two went together as I was walking along the street to the restaurant and caught flashes of coral on my feet and the kimono as it fluttered around. 

This week's challenge for you then,  dear reader, is to wear two pieces of coral before we put the colour away for the winter.  Those in the southern hemisphere can play along by digging out their coral for a first wear.

Maybe sandals and a bracelet,  belt and necklace, bag and jumper or T shirt and bracelet. Perhaps a glimpse of coral pattern in an article along with a block coral in another item as I  fortunately but accidentally  combined   styled here. 


  1. Well, I think I just about got through one of your challenges with a 35 year old outfit, but I don't think I could get away with that little trick again :-).
    Nice shoes, Anna, maybe coincidental teaming, but more likely super-instinctive styling.


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