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Deciding What to Wear - the UK Weather Challenge

So often clothes are dictated by weather in the UK.  Take Saturday for instance.  I was going to lunch with Mr Him's mother and aunt.  MIL  had booked a table in a restaurant.  My outfit, sadly,  became the result of a formula, although ultimately I was pleased with my choice.  The decision tree went a bit like this.

The weather forecast threatened rain.  This eliminated (a word I'm using a lot in this blog) maxi dress, maxi skirt,  and white or beige trousers.

It was to be warm.  That eliminated jeans and  boots and scarf or dress with tights.

This  left a pair of  lightweight black cropped trousers.

Now the simultaneous part of the equation was the topping.

It was to be warm which eliminated wool. It was to be wet, so I'd be wearing a mac and that eliminated duster or longline cardigans that would fall below the mac.

Going to  restaurant eliminated casual tops from the pot.

I wondered about the cream broderie anglais blouse that  I wore to a bbq a few weeks ago but as the weather was not hot-hot I may have needed a covering and as that top doesn't lend itself to a wrap so that blouse too was eliminated.

At this point I was thinking naked, but mother in law might have choked. 

I finally decided on this little number in the video below, but first a picture, in case videos don't load for you. 

My kimono is a last year purchase from New Look.  Its now longer in stock but I have found this Kimono online in the sale and it appears a similar shape if not colour.  A kimono does turn out to be a useful wardrobe item.  In this case it was casual dressy without being as hot as a jacket.  It satisfactorily covered my arms and was a good covering for a cami. 

Do you wear kimonos?  What would your fall back have been in these circumstances?