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Declutter Not

In January I started separating clothes as I wore them into a separate drawer.  The idea being that by July I'd have sorted the keeps from the unkeeps. This may work in other countries but in the UK summer is arriving late these past 3 years.  Even bonfire nights have been barmy instead of freezing. 

On Sunday I looked through all that I haven't worn in the last 8 months.  There is a lot.  Some due to them being Autumn appropriate rather than Spring.  Others need a particular sort of occasion and others, well we haven't had a long hot summer yet and I may yet wear them. 

I picked out obvious items and donated them to Miss 21 (lycra camisoles and the odd Tee that is now too young for me.) I took a bag of castoffs into British Heart Foundation last weekend and have donated 3 bags to H&M.  I am left with a pile,  mountain really,  that I'm going to keep. 

The usefulness of keeping things materialised again on Sunday.  I actually wore a pair of white linen trousers that I hadn't worn in 6 years or more, and  last winter I lived in a couple of denim jeggings that the previous winter they were not touched.

I have seen several bloggers bemoan the fact that they've decluttered  clothes away  according to the latest book fad and now regret it. I may be living a cluttered life but my investment in clothes remains in my  house and not on someone else.  I therefore urge you to not be too rash when having a declutter. Really think about why you are throwing it.  I've never held with the idea that if you've not worn it in a year you won't.  That's clearly not the case with me but maybe it depends on personality.  I'm certainly not the 'it won't be worn again ' personality.  Are you?  Or are you more a keep it in case? I think in the latter we have to revisit every year and see if it suits that year's vibes.  My white trousers did this year.

As for my mountain.  I sorted it into two piles, summer items not yet worn 

 and autumn items.

They were put away into two different drawers with the hope that it will help me dress in unpredictable September and October. 


  1. Anna, I am sooo with you on this one. I don't chuck out businesswear, even though I'm long-retired, because of the "investment" aspect.
    And your linen trousers are an excellent example of why decluttering should not be started from a guilt-trip starting point. Whilst concepts like Kondo sound virtuous, in moments of weakness I remind myself of my H&M denim shirt.
    I must have had it in my wardrobe for maybe 15 years. Size sellotape still displayed down front of shirt, i.e. totally unworn. I gave it the occasional try over the years. Never looked right. But maybe one day ...
    Then that day came two years ago. I tried it as a "jacket", i.e. open, over tops. Not rocket science but it sooo works!
    It's been my mate during the past two summers and that little baby ain't going nowhere but on my back!
    I call such items "sleepers", they are merely dormant, waiting for their moment. They are not "clutter" to be purged under the unworn 1-2 year diktat.
    So, well done you for holding out. Look what fun your discipline has rewarded you with, wearing those trousers!

    1. I had a similar experience with a denim jacket. It was ten years before I wore it but now wear it so often. Yes, lets let certain clothes 'sleep' and then wake them regularly.

  2. I keep my off season clothes in plastic tubs, which makes it easy to see what's in my closet at any given time. During the change of seasons I sometimes have those tubs sitting on the bedroom floor for a couple of weeks, but for the most part the system works well.

    1. I use those vacuum bags and then I can squeeze them into divans in the spare room or my bedroom. For the middle seasons spring and autumn I use an ottoman on the landing so as they are readily accessible. A clear box is a good idea.


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