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Early Autumn Clothes Purchases and that Popular Jacket

As you may gather I do shop, occasionally (haha) but you're more likely to hear me say,  this is several years old so I can't give you a link.  I like to think I  invest for the long term which means my blog is mostly my scribbles on wearing,  re-wearing and enhancing what is already in my wardrobe.  What I think of my shopping habits if analysed may be defied, especially by sales.    I do find myself thinking more these days on how old I'll be in 8 years, the average lifespan of my clothes,  and whether the particular item will be appropriate for blah years old.  I confess that that argument hasn't stopped me so far. 

In the last 4 weeks I've bought three pieces and I think all pretty good value.  Let me show you. 

In New Look, this on trend flowery bomber jacket called to me as a cheap accessory item.  It even dropped in price between the changing room and cash desk. Just call me savvy.   It's not going to be an investment item but it may add longevity to existing  staples by updating them for a couple of seasons. 

The khaki cargo trousers from Fat Face I've mentioned previously.  I see them as an investment piece even though they were only  £15.  Just plain good value and my casual weekend style. 

Lastly this blouse from Sainsbury's is in stock currently, just, as I think its selling fast (ignore my walking shoes.)

 I think I'll get a few years out of this with jeans and also for work tucked into a skirt.  I wore this shirt to the party on Monday with jeans.  As I'm short it looked better on me using a half tuck rather than hanging loose.  I've seen tall to average height  ladies wearing this loose and it's a flattering design.  I did get quite a few compliments on it,  (once the questions around how I'd tucked it in had been answered.)  With the tab sleeves it's a good transition piece, as the fashionstas would say.  A halfway house between short and long sleeves. I intend to wear it under casual light jackets.

All three items are still available and all under  £20 individually.

Talking of Sainsburys,  and jackets (were we,) this one is back in stock.  I have had  a lot of compliments on Instagram over this jacket which I bought last year.  Glad to see it back in store. Be quick if you fancy grabbing it.


  1. The bomber jacket is perfect! I agree with you in trying to anticipate the number of years or seasons you can get from a piece of clothing. So different to how I used to shop.

    I have a jacket similar to the Sainsbury stripe one. Must wear it this spring.

    SSG xxx

    1. Yes, it is a spring like jacket. I'm not sure why its on sale now. You must wear yours. Its good for work in the Spring and good with white jeans. BTW we had Waitrose coffee and caramel eclairs on Saturday. look for those when your store opens. Yummy.


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