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An unusual style post today.  I'm stretching the interpretation of style to include Netflix.  A big stretch I know but hear me out.  We all have to relax so let's call watching Netflix stylish. 
A few weeks ago we were all  hooked on Stranger Things.  8 episodes but it took us 3 nights. It was just so addictive.  I'm also watching Orphan Black.  Also a very compelling storyline.  Both of these series our young adults have enjoyed too.  They are currently hooked on Orange is the New Black but I haven't given that a go. 

Now to my main point.  I've heard a lot about a Australian show called Offspring.  It's not hit British TV but down under its a long running show.  Anyway its  a new season again in Australia, and they have been excited. 

So I tapped Offspring into Netflix and whoa, it's there! Series one to six.  We've made a start.  Up to episode 4.

The main character Nina Proudman, seems to be a style icon in Australia . Google Offspring or Nina Proudman and you get lots of articles on how to dress like her.
We're enjoying the show.  I can see why it's a hit.  I have to say I do like Nina's style too.


  1. I don't have Netflix, I really must get into this century. I've just been catching up with The Archers!
    I've now googled the lady Nina, she seems to have nice easy style. Maybe it will catch on in Ambridge ...

  2. Uh huh. About Nina being a style icon over here.

    Glad you're enjoying the series.

    SSG xxx

    1. We're loving it but I fear I've read spoilers as I am so early on in series one.

  3. Having read your other blog, I've rushed over here to see pics of you in a bustle. I appear to be a little too early ...

  4. interesting write up .people enjoy to follow the foot steps of the icons


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