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Slimming World Post Vacation Week 4

Wednesday and weigh day is today.  I can't get out of it. My phone will constantly send me annoying pings  demanding that I  weigh in. As if I need reminding.  Get the message phone, if I don't do it it's because I don't want to!  Some weeks are like that.  I deny I'm on a diet and want to ignore any reminder.  Last week I didn't lose anything, and I thought that was bad. I had been totally on plan after all. This week I'm in danger of falling out with either my phone or the scales, perhaps both. 

Why?  We've had birthdays and returns from holidays in the office accompanied by this

and chocolates. Have I said no? No.

Then there was the Mr Him keylime pie  here.

  That was SW friendly though but still a luxury  gorge item.

On Saturday we ate out and I had this

And this.  You have to don't you I?

Then Monday saw me at a party at the home of our CEO.  Who would refuse the bosses  wine and cooking?  Not to mention the HR Director's chilli!

So you see now why today I will be having an argument with my phone.  If you find a Samsung  floating on the Thames you know who it belonged to. Don't return it to me. 
OK.  Scrap all of the above.  

This week dear reader,  I made a purposeful effort to boost my metabolism.  I embarked on a programme of overeating which required a  will of iron.

Right folks, I have done the deed.  I have gained half a pound.  All chocolate cake considered that's not bad. 


  1. So you could have comfortably added in my fig parcels to the list! Anna, you look absolutely fine in the photos so please don't beat yourself up unnecessarily. You're living, remember?
    BTW, I've tried emailing you via the comments threads but keep discovering I'm sending them to someone else! I will try once again!


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