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A Penetrating Conversation

Dear reader,  if you read my Anna blog you will know that I met the lovely Mary The Pout at the weekend.  The Pout has been on a two week trip and cleverly packed neutrals with one accent colour, jade.  I was safe if I work navy, cream and jade.  No danger of clashing.

During our day we had glimpses of penetrating conversation. 

 Coincidentally we were/are in similar areas of business so talked of technical aspects of work as well as the embarrassment of selfie taking.  We agreed that we don't have the freedom to randomly hold our phones out to friends to look through photos but are secretive and guarded if looking up a picture.   Our conversation led to what made me start blogging?  Where did my name come from?  Is Mr Him really a numpty?

Here I will tell you.  Many, many months ago my Twitter connections persuaded me to blog, and my Anna blog was born. I used my Twitter handle which is why it's called TVSHOPAHOLIC.BLOGSPOT.CO.UK. 

Why is my Twitter Anna@TVshopaholic? 

I was wanting to be anonymous so my twitter name had to be fictional.   I had the book shopaholic in my bookcase.  It just clicked. I was buying a few things off QVC at the time.

Did I buy much from QVC?

I hate shopping. There you have it! I hate clothes shopping!  Shocking, I know. You see, when confronted with racks and racks of clothes in a shop  I don't know what I should buy and wear as a mature middle aged person.  I know what  I like and I know  what used to suit me as a 30 something but not 50 something. You'll be aware from previous posts that depict what  I've seen in the shops that  I've rarely  bought.   On the other hand if I randomly see an item at a reasonable price that will work for me I'll buy it.  The M&S shoe haul is an example.  Hence why so much of my work clothes come from Sainsbury's. If it weren't for Gok I'd still be in my old pinstripe trouser suit.  On Sunday with The Pout I saw a pashmina for £10 that was gorgeous and fitted my wardrobe perfectly.  I snapped it up. 

I found QVC showed me how to dress and build my wardrobe with classic clothes for a woman my age, the presenters alone being similar ages.  For now though I'm more confident and I have that wardrobe basic in place so I just add high street on trend items that will work with my existing  wardrobe when I see them. 

Mr Him

My Anna blog became something other than my original intention once I found my blogging voice.  I enjoy writing and find blogging is my creative outlet.  This is to the sufferance of Mr Him who in reality is mostly a sensible man with a responsible job.  He's a strong person who can tolerate what I do to him in blog world and he  has a good sense of humour. He needs to have.  He actually tells his colleague about his alter ego, Mr Him. 

Two Blogs

My style blog started because I also wanted to return to my original intention which is to share my experiences of dressing and living as a mature woman.  I learn from other blogging woman because we live in another world from our mothers at our age.  In many ways they can't possibly be our role models.  Magazines don't meet the need either being too uncontinuous or too random. Bloggers are consistent.   I want to share with you what I find works and learn from you too.

That's the end of that self assessment.  Next blog will be back to normal.  


  1. Some good insights, Anna.
    I do love reading the Numpty Sagas and am so pleased The View is cool with your publishing entertaining stories of runner beans and Lostness, especially having now experienced the latter first-hand!
    Like you, I don't enjoy shopping and can rarely last long enough in a shop to actually get something bought!
    I enjoy reading style blogs like yours which show real people, real clothes. But I rarely look at mags these days and when I do I realise that they have no link with my day to day reality. And I have to fess up now - when in the doctor's waiting room I now ignore the glossies and go straight to the Saga mag. No numpties in it sadly but does have good style articles that I can relate to and which fit my pensioner's purse. Never thought I'd hear myself admitting that.
    And thanks for not clashing with my Jade!

    1. Maybe Numpty Sagas should be the name of the Anna blog. I will look up Saga on line so I can practice for my retirement.

  2. Love hearing about how your blogging began!

    SSG xxx

    1. Thank you. BTW I think I will try 'our' dress with leggings and boots. I'm not putting it away just yet.


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