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Blue and Green

 I grew up with the belief that blue and green should never be seen but over the years I've discovered that that does not include navy nor khaki.  In the past I've worn navy and lime and navy and grass green and khaki with turquoise

This must mean that both navy and khaki are neutrals.  What better to put these two neutrals together so last weekend I wore navy and khaki. I've since seen navy and khaki on people in the realsphere so its a common combination, which goes to show how out of touch I am.  

Anyway, try it,  you'll see how well it works. This week's challenge for you. 


I have since worn the below navy and olive concoction and was pleased with the combination.


  1. Nice challenge Love your utility jacket, BTW. I may struggle with this one, Anna, as I'm on holiday and I've left my Wolfies at home. So I'm going to have to dig deep into my creative silo and I think I've played all my cheat's cards.

  2. Done! Khaki green jumper and mid blue denim skinnies. Sorry no photo. Said items of clothing a little the worse for having survived an excursion with Master 3.

    SSG xxx

  3. Done! Khaki top, navy chinos and navy cardi and out on the blog already.
    Challenge completed, honestly!

  4. I think I have an American problem here. Khaki by us means a beige color, as in khaki pants. In England, it seems to be a green color. Lesson learned, thanks.


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