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Challenge - Green and Stripes

Dear reader, last week I had the pleasure, thanks to Southern rail, to see greenery on my way to work as I travelled either by car or cross country line.  In keeping with the landscape I travelled I decided to experiment with  various ways to wear green,  but accompanied by stripes.  This was a departure from my normal greys and blacks for the office  as I equally departed from  the various shades of grey suburbia on my route.  

Apologies, not really, for the scarces. It seems I also went a bit wild for them as well. 

On Monday for the office I wore a navy striped shirt and bright fern green cardigan.  I was inspired by my green and navy blog here to give this combination a go myself once again.

 With a various shades of green scarf.

Office casual on Friday saw me in my grey and white gap tshirt (yes it is grey and white stripes despite the poor pic) with a khaki (olive) cardigan. 

With a swish of a various shades of olive scarf.

On Sunday for a pub visit  I wore a long sleeved Breton and khaki  (olive ) utility jacket, not to mention leopard scarf. I just can't get enough of scarves now summer is out of the way.   

I'm proud to say the youngest of these items was the gap grey T that I mentioned here.  Other items are varying from 1 year to 3 years old. 

So your challenge is to try pulling an outfit together from your wardrobe wearing green, khaki or olive plus stripes.


  1. That's a real challenge Anna, I have little green and even littler (!) stripes, but I'm on the case.
    I love the way you've thrown yourself into your own challenge this week; you've put together some nice outfits.
    It's so good to see you making something positive out of the negative southern rail has thrown you. Green has come flooding into your world, through train Windows and from out of your wardrobe!

  2. What a great challenge to do ! I love wearing green as it's such a calming colour. I don't wear it enough though. Susanna x

  3. Green and stripes, done! I found a great little outfit, thanks to your detours and inspiration, Anna.


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