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Challenge - Grey and Navy

I was told recently at work that I'm always wearing something different.  Well, I'm not . I have 4 work skirts and a pair of trousers.  Throw in a few blouses and cardigans then you have mix n match office-wear heaven. 

One combination I hadn't tried before from this office-wear pot was a grey  (don't moan ) cardigan and navy blouse and navy  skirt.  Note that this is a different grey  cardigan.  It is actually about 3 years old. It has 3/4 sleeves which makes it more useful in   my spring-summer-autumn pot. 

Last week I wore this cardigan with one of my routine work skirts and a 3 year old blouse.  I just do not know why I hadn't worn this combination before. 

Your challenge this week, therefore,  is combining light grey and navy.  This maybe in the form of jeans and jumper,  trousers and cardigan, skirt and grey blouse or navy blouse and grey trousers, or grey top and skirt with navy cardigan (as below).

  It may even be a grey poncho and navy car door as modeled by my daughter.  However you want to play it.  Let's get that combo working. 


  1. Thanks for the inspiration and the challenge, Anna. I love the colours and they look good on you. What a compliment to you that you are seemingly wearing different outfits - mix n match mastery. That is one enormous tote Miss 21 is modelling.

  2. Done! Light grey tailored trousers and a navy blue necklace. With a touch of lime green by way of my cardigan.

    SSG xxx


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