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Comfort zone -challenge

Dear reader, do you wear dangly earrings?  I don't, not often.  They are either too dressy or too, er cheap, looking on me.  However, I was persuaded recently to have another go.  I found these little beauties in Accessorize.  A tiny price and the dangly bit is detachable.  I found that with the hollow dangly bit they are more casual and less obvious.  Subtle is the word. 

Also out of my comfort zone is the purchase of a lipstick in red from Boots. It's from the Moisture Drench range and called Deep Rust.  Appealing name, huh. It was recommended by a friend.   Anyway I bought it and have worn it on and off but one day last week it struck me that it really looked good with grey,  not my skin,  my clothes,  I explain quickly.

My third extraction from my comfort zone was in the form of a drink.  I saw Starbucks selling green tea citrus mint latte.  I bought. I  took a sip.  Oh heaven. It's like a hot mojito. You must try one.  I had another the next day but I'm sure the girl didn't know how to make it as she added coffee.  That was an entirely different taste sensation. 

So my readers,  your challenge comes in threes this week.  1 To look at these earrings in Accessorize and see whether you could dabble.  2 to look at the Deep Rust lipstick to see whether it's worth adding to your lipstick wardrobe and 3, to try a green tea citrus mint latte.  Just make sure they do not add coffee.  It's meant to be a tea after all. 
Do not get mixed up. I don't want you having green lipstick,  dangly tea and  rusty earrings.

We also discovered this lovely wine from Marks and Spencers that  a friend bought us as a thank you for a favour.  We both found it most agreeable. I won't set this as your challenge for fear of being accused of driving you to drink. 

How have you recently come out of your comfort zone?  


  1. My. You seem to have gone leaping and frolicking out of your comfort zone, Anna! I would happily leap with you wearing classy dangles, grey with red lippy (which I love) and the wine is well within my comfort zone already :-). But really, Anna. Tea? And me? I don't think so. Because a) I haven't drunk it since I was 4, and, 2) Starbucks isn't on the island. You will not find a more solid argument for not drinking tea this side of The Pecos! But I wish you well with your green tea citrus mint latte.
    Those earrings are classy BTW and I like their versatility, their novelty factor.


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