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Mary's White Jean Challenge

Dear reader,  I've been challenged!  However my challenger cheated in one of the challenges or two that I set you all.  This leads me to believe I am owed a cheat. More of that later.

Do you have a teenage or early twenties daughter?  One of the unusual things I do occasionally is decide what she's going to wear.  This came about because I saw a lovely outfit on Pinterest that she could recreate.  I knew she wouldn't bother though.  My solution was to sneak into her room and lay the outfit on her bed for her.  I didn't know how it would be taken.  A risk I know.  Invading her privacy or a great surprise.  Luckily it was the latter.  She was delighted and touched. She told her friends and asked me to do it again. 

This autumn,  after I'd put my white jeans away Mary, The Pout set a challenge of wearing  autumn white jeans here.   Instead of digging out my white jeans I laid an outfit out for my daughter to wear.  If I had my jeans at hand and it was a warm autum day this is how I'd have worn them, with a plaid shirt.

On a cooler but dry sunny day I would love to wear them as Mary has done, with  a grey cardigan, or a beigy camel colour. 


  1. An outfit by proxy, what a creative twist to my challenge cheating, Anna! Miss 21 looks lovely. I'm keeping my white jeans out to see how long I can push them into winter.
    I love the idea of laying out outfits for someone. It's modern-day Downton Abbey. And a huge compliment to you that she likes your style and your choice.

    1. I actually wanted to wear this myself and do your challenge but digging out the whites was going to be a process.

  2. What a lovely thing to do for your daughter.

    I need to dig out my white jeans.

    SSG xxx


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