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New Purchase - Grey Jumper

My love in with grey continues.  I have to confess to buying a jumper.  This is from Sainsbury's and I think passes my test that I could still wear in 10 years.  I think Autumn is the time for this jumper.  In winter we tend to have heating on wherever we go and bundle in big coats.  Perhaps in Autumn this could be worn on a chilly day without a coat.

Sainsbury's is also doing a similar jumper in a gold colour.  I was very tempted but being good and sticking to the one purchase.

These jumpers are currently in my store but I cannot find a link on line.  


  1. My, you are coming up with some good knitwear buys, Anna. We don't have a Sainsbury over here :-( but I love those jumpers. I do admire your 10 year test. And your discipline because the other colour looks so tempting too. I am at the other end of the 10 year rule, I'm now wearing it all!


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