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To Neck Cream

...or not to neck cream,  that is the question.

I have been using neck cream for a couple of years now.  I usually get it from QVC in a set of other creams.  I've tried various brands and to my mind not one out does the other but then I'm not sure what I'm looking for in the way of results.  I go by reviews and the creams that I have used all get reasonable reviews.  I have just finished a Gatineau Firming Throat gel.  I had bought 3 tubes in a set about 18 months ago.  However now I've used a neck and decollete cream for so long I feel I need to continue.  With that thought I went to Boots to look for a No7 cream as I had a voucher.  I was surprised to find that they do not do one.  The assistant told me that they just recommend to use face cream on the neck and decollete. 

So do we neck cream or don't we? 

My research tells me that a neck cream should 

  • Contain a tightening agent to reduce the look of sagging
  • be appropriate for the delicate skin of the neck area
  • help minimize  lines and wrinkles

here is a useful link. Interestingly L'oreal and Olay are listed as having a neckcream although L'oreal's does not appear to be  specific to the neck area.

For my part I have reordered Gatineau Firming Throat Gel  here   .  The reviews remain good and a duo works out as  just over £20 each. 


  1. Anna, I am so pleased to hear that you are using cream on your neck as a preventative. I am spookily (it is Halloween!) drafting something up on this very thing.
    I ignored my neck then a few years ago it just "went". So I'm sure staving off that day whilst you're young, as you're doing, is the better route to take.
    I don't think I can save my neck but I do now remember to apply moisturiser to my decollete area each morning. And I slap it about just like mum used to do - why did I not follow all her simple but good examples?!
    I'd be very interested to follow any research you do on this as I have no idea if there are better results with a specialised neck cream.
    Keep up the good work!


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