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Tropic Body Polish

Dear reader,  I'm a personality.  Yes, in my own right.  Not as an adjunct to Mr Him.  How did I discover this, you ask.  On my return to work from my summer holiday  I was told I was missed.  Yes, apparently the office has something missing when I'm not there.  Nagging. I also must add for full disclosure that the young man who told me I was missed has since resigned.

However that compliment, and resignation, aside,  I was greeted from summer vacation with 'oh you must look at Louisa's products. We've all ordered and know that you'll want to too, ' with which a herd of female colleagues gathered around a basket and proceeded to show me lots of unxions,  all to better my appearance.   The men nearby put their heads in their hands and wept, I assume from the pop-up  beauty parlour and not from my return,  although either could have been the case. 

I ordered a body scrub (called polish), then opened my emails then nagged. 
Normality had resumed.  However the body polish,  I mean  "The Body Polish."  Oh my goodness. .. I could eat it.  I went home with a resolution to use up my existing scrub from another brand. That resolve didn't last long as can be seen  in my video. It was old and gloopy. It was time for a new one, that was my excuse.

(If you click videos you may get fireworks or fountains but perserve.)

I awaited my new scrub polish that I'd ordered from my colleague from Tropic. It was worth the wait. It's heavenly.  Oils sit on top so take care on opening. It
comes with a spoon for stirring and lovely labelling. 

It's available on line here in the UK.


  1. I need a jar of this miracle scrub!!!!

    SSG xxx

    1. I'm sure it will eventually come to Oz or maybe has online.

  2. Interesting post. That scrub errr polish must be so lovely. But I feel that, like you Anna, I should be worried about your drains. Or maybe I watched the wrong video?

    1. My old gloopy scrub was on the video. My justification for buying the new one. Glad the video worked though. I'm Techno mutton now 😊


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