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A few Winter Purchases

I have bought a few things this week and must tell you about them. One is this really  light peach jumper  from Mango.  Pastels are a strong theme this winter apparently and in jumpers.  Perhaps unusual but we are used to white or cream jumpers so why not baby pinks, peach, baby blue.  One of my readers does non wintry jumpers so well, yes, I am looking at you Heather, with your superb collection. 

Another trend this winter is bell sleeves.  Not an item that will be an investment piece but at £12 I did buy a burgundy bell sleeved blouse from New Look, which I'm sorry was on the sale rail and not online so I can't link it for you.  (sad face.)  There is a rather lovely burgundy blouse  in Monsoon with black lace trim here  which could well be an investment piece.  If you opted for the velvet black jeans from my earlier post then this would look gorgeous as a festive outfit over the holiday season.  Not too dressy but dressy enough.  

I also bought a coat from Seasalt.  I needed a winter waterproof coat badly and decided that this would follow my 10 year rule and  hopefully beyond.  If you can't trust the Cornish for winter waterproofs who can you trust!

my Cornish coat

The coat is coming in the post.  I hope it fits. 


  1. You've been a busy young lady! Peach sounds a great fit for your wardrobe. I teamed a floral dress with a pink cardi at the weekend. It felt daring but it didn't look out of place.
    I still adore all I've ever bought from Monsoon so I guess that's what investment pieces are.
    Your coat looks super and I love the long length and curved back. Looks snug too.
    Looking forward to seeing these goodies on you soon.
    Happy week!

    1. I hope we see the cardi and dress. It sounds fabulous. I will be posting pics in December as I wear the pieces, you can be sure.


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