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Aluminium Free Deoderant

I have just reordered my deodorant.  Yes reordered! Yes, it comes in the post! 

I decided a few years ago that I wanted to avoid aluminium in my deodorant.  I'm not going to go into the benefits or not of aluminium free merely to say that I decided to hedge my bets and do without aluminium if I could . That sent me down the path of crystal deodorants, which I can't say are that effective.  Looking on line there is much more choice nowadays as manufacturers recognise more of us want to go the alluminium free route. 

This link provides some useful user testing of some that are available on the market. For my part I'm using Australian Body Care teatree deodorant  which isn't listed but I'm very happy with, although I have noticed as I do my research for this article,  it contains parabens.  

Oh, well, maybe I will look at that link and hunt down paraben free as well next time. 

Have you found an effective aluminium and paraben free one?


  1. Twice now I've lost my comments, the other day trying to comment on your previous and again just now. Urrggh!
    So, briefly this time in case I press the self-destruct whatever again,
    Sorry, don't use it (long story), don't know anything about parabens, maybe experiment with natural products like lemon juice or bicarbonate? Was that any help at all?!

  2. My own really does irritate me, so I must look into this.

    I used to use Body Shop roll on deodorant, that might be worth a re-visit.



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