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The Red Jumper

In my last post I talked of my accidental festive look and avoiding the typical red. This is a formula I may adopt for the holiday season at some point.  The reason is that on Sunday  a week ago I tried to style a quite plain red v-neck jumper that I haven't worn very often.  The red is one that is meant to suit all colour seasons. I think all except the Anna season!  I have  a blouse in a similar red which seems to look OK but maybe I'll rethink that.  Perhaps it's the shape of the jumper.  However I have it in beige and think I can wear it well.  

I know I can wear red. The below dress for instance. (those observant will notice that this is similar to the black one I wore to the dinner recently.  It's no longer available in red.)

Sometimes there's an item that you try but just beats you.  This is one.  It can't be the colour and it can't be the shape but together its not me.  I give up.  I think its the expanse of skin at the neckline which is not so noticeable in the beige version.  It's been donated to my daughter and if she can't use it then British Heart Foundation will be receiving it.

Do you have an item that beats you? Is it time to just give up? 


  1. I had a groovy pair of pink pumps, so so pretty. But they beat me in the end, and they're in a nice charity shop somewhere in Twickenham.

    Love that red jumper xx

  2. Anna, you rock that red. Maybe try it with a white camisole showing through (OK, that could be a tad Santa-like!)or a chunky necklace or a scarf, that always works.
    My item to give up on? People. Over time I have learned that in life I will come across people (hopefully only occasionally!) who truly don't like me. And that I must just give up and walk away.
    Items of clothing, well that's different. If they beat me I usually hang them in the wardrobe (stuff in bag in attic) for 20 years because I know one day they will have their day. I rarely give up on clothes!


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