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Challenge - Burgundy

During my denim shirt experiment I also uncover my burgundy jeggings (not that you could miss given the outfits I tried) which had not been worn for 2 years.

I decided to make these jeggings work for their wardrobe space and  on Saturday grabbed a grey loose jumper which I had picked up from a charity shop.  

The burgundy jeggings with this jumper were a success I think.  

My challenge to myself now is to see how many times I can wear these burgundy jeggings between now and the summer. Let me count the ways and come back to you.

If you'd like to join in then dig out your burgundy trousers, or buy some (I've noticed M&S have some in stock in corduroy.)  Maybe you have trousers lurking in a dark corner in an entirely different colour that you'd like to challenge.  

In the meantime I have set up a private facebook group so you can join the burgundy or coloured trousers challenge and share how you style them.   Just send Anna MuttonYears a friend's request and I can add you to the private group.   Let's share inspiration, success and fails in private in our group.  It will be a group of one, me, if I get no takers. 

For those without burgundy trousers your challenge this week is grab and wear anything in burgundy.  If you are in the southern hemisphere then style some spring time blush or peach. 


  1. Anna, I don't believe I have anything in burgundy. I have some terracotta coloured jeggings that were so awful and garish that they were relegated to golf wear. Maybe I should join your group with them, though do I really want to wear them off the course, I ask myself. Pretty challenging!

    1. That's the fun part. Finding ways to wear those leggings. However you are getting use out of them and a golf look would be fun to see.


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