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Clarks - Mourning the Dependable Bendable

Did you discover Clarks bendables?  I did about 3 years ago. Then I purchased 3 little pairs of ankle boots.  They needed no, I repeat no, breaking in.  Not one blister appeared.  From the get go I walked my black pair to the station and back Monday to Friday.  After 2 years,  this will be my third,  the heel is looking worn.  I'll try to get it re heeled. 
These were so comfortable that I bought a brown pair for weekend wear and then a grey for spring and autumn. 

All 3 pairs have served me well.

When I met The Pout a few weekends ago we both turned up wearing a pair of bendables, because they're dependable.  Easy and comfortable walking boot with a bit of style.  Perfect for a mutton woman like me.

However, in Clarks today I chatted to the sales assistant and discovered the dependable Bendable is no more!  Horror!  Apparently some women, ( who?) like a more solid base then the flexible base, according to the staff in the shop that I visited.  

On browsing I found the range labelled  'Collection'  has some flexible bases.   here for instance.  The reviews look good for a practical easy to wear casual boot.  

For my part I have bought the Boylan Dawn here for example.  This boot is available on various US websites and UK websites such as Very, Littlewoods, Amazon.   I have not had to break these in.  They will fit my 10 year rule and I did need to buy a pair of easy walking casual smart black ankle boots.  I will continue to wear my black bendables to get to work.  Why spoil these!  Although not bendable they are mighty comfortable . 

Like the decorative band and stud on the outside

Collections range with cushion sole

easy inside leg zip


  1. I had no idea I was wearing dependable bendables - or did you just make that name up, Anna?!
    But you are so right, you and I choose them for easy days when we know we'll be walking a lot. So I'm feeling a little sad to hear that Clarks have stopped making them and I can't go hunting down the grey version like yours, I thought they looked great.

    1. Bendable is the label inside my boots. The first link in the Collections range in my post looks like a Bendable sole and heel so my guess is that they will bring the odd one out under Collections.


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