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My Go To Party Dress

If you read my Anna blog you will know that I went to a black tie dinner last week.  I'm sure ( not ) that you're restless to know what I wore.
Well,, folks, the only photo I took is this one. I took it in the hotel of the conference and its a splodgy mirror in poor lighting. I'm still in my ankle boots here ready to take the tube to Lancaster Gate. 

The dress is two years old.  It's this one. The reviews suggest people find it sheds glitter too much for their liking.  Yes it does shed.  However, for a woman my age I find that a small inconvenience compared to what I gain.  In this dress I have one that is age appropriate with built in support wear.  It covers my upper arms.  It's not low at the front.  It's knee length. The glitz and glamour comes from the aforementioned glitter and a slightly low back, cut into a V shape.  In other words it reveals skin where it hasn't aged. 

Yes it's a shame about the glitter shedding.  I don't think I'd wear it to someone's house for that reason but say a  golf club Christmas party or work Christmas party or dinner I think it would be perfect if you are wanting to be covered yet seasonal.

I've worn this dress three times now and felt perfectly appropriately dressed for my age each time. It's definitely been my go-to black tie dinner dress. 


  1. That is one classy dress, Anna, you look gorgeous! And it looks such an easy dress to wear, no straps or non-straps to worry about. Your pic reminds me of how I miss a good black tie event, boo hoo.
    Hope you had a really great evening and hope the journey was it was devoid of Lostness.

    1. Thank you and yes it's easy. I don't even have to wear jewellery apart from earrings.

  2. you look absolutely gorgeous .thank you for sharing .
    though here mostly fashion changes quickly and people have to buy for parities something new but i really don't care and often wear my quite old dresses that irritate my friends mostly

    1. Totally with you. There's other things to spend money on. A dress you're going to wear once is not it.


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