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My new Ilymix Blanket Scarf

It's blanket scarf time of year.  It arrived with the first frost on Wednesday.  We all know I had a dilemma last year, see here.  This scarf now sits on the back of my chair in the office as air con protection.  Its effective for that but too thick to use as a scarf. 

 So a  few weeks ago I started my frosty mornings preparation by ordering a blanket scarf from  If you recollect they give you, my international reader, a 20% discount and free international postage.  A reader asked me how delivery was.  I have not had an issue at all in delivering to the UK.  Generally around 5 days. 

I've previously ordered jewellery from ilymix and  worn my pieces frequently here.  I wanted to try the scarves because  we are limited for blanket scarves in the UK  (mine are either literally as thick as a blanket or the wrong shape to wrap. )  I've found this ilymix one perfect as it's square so I can triangle it as a wrap.

My new scarf is soft and flexible enough to wear around my neck, unlike a few other mistakes I've made.  Its not at all itchy either if you are wondering.  On the frosty mornings this week I've found it the perfect thickness and pliableness (not a word but should be) for tucking around my neck and under my overcoat to keep my midriff cosy and warm. 

My scarf arrived beautifully packaged with a personal message too.

and the code, as I just know you are wanting this,  is Mutton_style20