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The Denim Shirt - My Forlorn item

Dear reader,  Mary set a  challenge a week ago based around reworking an old forlorn item here.

 My forlorn item is this denim shirt. (It was only when I went back to look at The Pout's blog to link it for you that I remembered that her item was a denim shirt too.)  Mine's been hanging in my wardrobe, taking up valuable space, gathering dust for a year.  OK, that's not long.  Yes, I hear you.  All the more reason then that this item should be easily reworked.  I mean, I was able to wear it a year ago.  Challenge therefore easy.


Just to get in the mood here are last year's looks. 

I must revisit this look in the winter

away staying in a hotel last winter, awkward pose as a beginner

During my try on this week I immediately ruled out denim on denim  without a breaker of some sort (breaker being jacket, cardigan or jumper).  Actually no, I fib, I tried it with denim jeggings which were a darker shade then the shirt. As the shirt is not long I was giving Kim Kardashian a run for her money in the jeggings. I am not posting a photo you'll be pleased to know. 

Next  I tried green jean style trousers.

Er no. Too drab for me.  I'd need to really bling this up. 

Then I tried burgundy jeggings.  Er no. Too clashing was my immediate reaction. However my husband did like this colour combo so I decided to pursue this look. It could work if  I front tuck my shirt perhaps.  

There are three problems with this shirt for me.  Denim is not my colour with me being an autumn. It's therefore draining the colour from my face; two, this shirt is the wrong shape for me so needs tucking in; three. it needs unbottoning a tad lower if you look at the above pictures.  I could add a safety pin and undo the second button down which may improve things.  

I decided that I need to make this shirt work.  On Sunday we went  to see 'Arrival' and then on for for cocktails (me), tea (him) and a bite to eat.  

A perfect opportunity therefore to experiment with burgandy and my forlorn denim shirt.

I experimented through the morning, boring the family.

Military jacket and glasses

khaki  jacket

padded vest

moto jacket

taupe bomber jacket

No jacket

 What did I decide on for the cinema and meal?  The military jacket.

How many of us have a denim shirt lurking in our wardrobe?  Is it totally coincidental that Mary and I both had the same item.  Is it one of those items that we buy that we just do not get the wear out of.  I think the problem is that it's denim.  Maybe we need the breaker to wear it with jeans so that limits the seasons to winter, or we need to wear it with black or white, leather or suede. I am now determined to wear this shirt. If I do not then its taking up valuable space.  Do you have other ideas for the denim shirt?   Do you have a denim shirt and if so how do you wear it?  Most importantly, which look do you prefer from my try ons?  Would you wear denim and burgandy?


  1. Firstly, congrats!
    These shirts are a challenge. I wonder why you and I bought them in the first place - good idea at the time?!
    My Levi shirt needs much tweaking.
    I really like your winter look with the belted cardi and I look forward to seeing you rework that one again sometime soon. I think you chose right with your Sunday pick, the military jacket hooks the look and the burgundy really livens up the blue.
    I hope some of your lovely readers are more creative with denim shirts than me - I look forward to hearing what they and you come up with.

  2. That's so true about denim shirts! I have one too and it's lost somewhere in my wardrobe. Time to dig it out again.

    SSG xxx


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