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To Lavender

My blogger friend, Mary the Pout, set a challenge recently, to . OK, I am calling lavender a verb, you caught me out.  Mary has discovered  that as she has matured she's found lavender suiting her more than it used to and has rediscovered the colour.  I scratched my head over this challenge.  My colouring doesn't suit lavender and therefore I can't say I have anything much in this colour.  I crossed out anything as in fact I do.  I have one item.  

Saturday evening Mr Him and I went out with friends for a curry.  If you remember when we went for a curry in Marlow I wore an outfit that I mentioned in a blog and didn't I tell you on that blog that I also had the top that I wore in purple?  Yes, I did, here .

As it turns out the purple is more a lavender.  It has touches of grey and black in also which enables the top to suit me more than a plain lavender.  

Here is my lavender outfit, (challenge met).  It turns out that it's also, apparently,  my autumn go-to curry outfit.  In Marlow I also used this pleather jacket over the grey version.  As we're now end of October I've switched the sandals for black booties or ankle boots as we say in the UK.

Although I bought these 2 tops a couple of years ago I posted in link in my previous blog as they were still available from QVC in the UK.  They are long so could be worn loose and belted or as I have done with the front tucked in.  They are easy for packing as they do not need ironing.  I like the short sleeves.  I can cool off if I have a personal tropical moment by removing my jacket.  


  1. Well done, dark lavender, aka purple, does indeed suit you! Nice outfit for currying. How I fancy currying right now, it looks so good! Shame curries induce PTMs though, but a small sacrifice for such culinary pleasure.

  2. 'Personal tropical moment' I like it!!

    Those curries look amazing.

    SSG xxx


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