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A Classy Gift to Give

What to get my sister in law, who is an elegant lady?  I have struggled.  The solution was surprisingly in Sainsburys.  Let's back track though.

Last year for Christmas my daughter was given a present from the partners of the dental practice she works in .  We cooed over the gift.  It was a bottle of Chambord.  If you haven't tried it its delish.  Honestly, if you like sweet fruity drinks try it. At the time we thought, 'how expensive'  'lovely'  'really classy'.  

Last week, there before me in Sainsbury's was a rack of Chambord, £6 a bottle! 

Problem solved.  I too will be classy and give sis in law Chambord and some L'Occitane handcream.

I beg you to consider Chambord at £6 for a classy but not expensive gift.