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A Festive Look by Working my Clothes

It's been an entertaining weekend,  in the nicest possible way.  On Saturday night I met my brother and his wife for a meal in Tunbridge Wells.  This is a Christmas town.
All the better to get out a bit of sparkle.  I decided to cross functional my clothes.  Really make my wardrobe work.  I selected a gold t shirt  (last worn on holiday here   the last picture)  and paired it with a black work jacket and black skinnie jeans.  I added my Clarks boots and a cross body black bag.  It would have worked better with gold shoes but it was raining out so boots required. 

Finally a rather bling necklace from Alice's Wonders here.  I've had this about 18 months but it's still available.  I've had so many compliments on this necklace.  It does feel a bit scratchy around the neck but I seem to get used to it after 5 minutes. 
Gold Solitaire Sparkle Collar

It's worth giving reverence to a little black jacket at this moment.  A truly useful piece.  Work,  yes,  but also with a graphic T and jeans or as I have in this post, for the party season.

There you have it, a festive look from my existing wardrobe by pairing items not usually worn together in my world. 

I think it worked and Mr Him approved. 

Now it's your turn.  The challenge of the week,  pair black with gold or silver that's in your wardrobe.  


  1. You are looking lovely, Miss Anna! Know what you mean though, even after many years of estrangement from work, I've still had to work so hard at cross-functionalising my wardrobe (love it!) with jeans and ex-working jackets. It sort of borders your "things that shouldn't be" territory.
    I really like your TW outfit so I'm up for the challenge!

  2. P.s. FTS, I love that necklace so please add my name to its fan club.

  3. Very pretty. Tunbridge Wells is a lovely place, I haven't been there for so long.



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