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Challenge - To Revisit the Challenges

Dear Reader,

I have been following a leaf out of my own book this week and re-attempted some of my old challenges.


I selected a bead bracelet that combined my black, white and beige outfit.  

I gave the navy and khaki look another spin (note the M&S leopard trainers and the Primark grey cardi which is on the chair ready to add to the look later in the day.)

I tried plaid and pearls but this time with earrings in the pearl.

The challenges are not one-offs.  If it worked for you first time around  revisit it and try the look for another season or another item or audience.   In my case the more I do plaid and pearl or matchey-matchey the more it may become second nature.  


  1. They do say that if you do something for 30 days, it becomes instinctive, habit. 28 plaids and pearls and matcheys to go?
    These are all such nice looks and so wearable. Seems that habit-forming thing is working, Anna. Love the black, beige and white mix and absolutely love those cheeky trainers!
    Well done.

    1. Thank you . The trainers are the leopard M&S ones that I blogged on in the Autumn.


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