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Christmas Meeting Predicament

Dear reader
On Friday I went to a London meeting with peers.  We're a group of 6 who do the same job in different companies . Earlier this year we went to Brussels together to talk at a seminar.  Next year we're planning Oslo and Geneva road trips.  So obviously after our meeting we wanted a Xmas lunch to celebrate our 'roadshow.'  Just obviously.  My predicament was what to wear. 

We've suffered -7 c this week. Pubs can be cold.   On the other hand pubs can be overheated.  The office may be hot.  Layering, yes?  Oh I dithered. What colours? Dark as it was business first but I  didn't want a layering business  jacket on when I  was eating lunch.  Too restrictive.  A dark cardigan? Mine are all  too thin.  Wouldn't keep me warm in a cold pub.  Warm grey woollen cardigan.  No, too casual. There was one answer.  A quick email to peers.

'Dress code tomorrow.  How about Xmas jumpers? '

If I needed to dress for the eventuality of a freezing pub and wear  my cozy knit I might as well take them all down with me.
Oh, and in case it was too hot I put my Xmas  jumper in my bag in readiness for a cold pub and wore a layering tee, thin dark cassis coloured cardigan and puffa coat for travelling and the meeting. 

How would you have handled that predicament?

A peer joined me

My low impact Christmas jumper (very subtle was the description my peers gave it)


  1. I like the initiative you showed to take the driving seat of your outfit dilemma. A true leader. I'd like to feel that I would have shown leadership, but from bitter experience I would have stuffed all eventualities into a very large bag.

    But did only one other follow the dress code? Again, from that bitter experience, I would have pre-agreed some hefty penalties! Rules is rules.

    1. It turned out to be relatively warm and we all, even the men, brought the jumper. Only myself and one other get to put them on and then we removed them after half an hour. Drinking and eating makes you hot:)


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