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Gillet Substitution

Have you seen the fur gillets everywhere  (well on Instagram and on the rail at Sainsbury.) The trouble is they were everywhere last winter too. To my mind next year they'll be a bit 'last year.'   But then what do I know.   I do think that I know that one,  however lovely and cosy,  would not suit my 10 year rule. If you recollect fur gillets were here 6 years or so ago too.  Then they were shorter.  If the gillet comes back in another 6 years it's likely that it won't be in the same form. 

I do have  a faux fur scarf though.  Mine is 3 years old from Dennis Basso and I adore it.  We just haven't had cold winters in the UK recently so it hasn't had much use. However I have dug it out this winter, pre-snow, and am using it as a nod to the faux fur trend.

For instance, last week,  I was in a work meeting for the day in a town hall.  My normal dilemma obviously arose. Will the hall be heated? Will it be cold?  Sounds like a song. Here's what I chose to wear.  Kai sera sera.

I chose to dig out my scarf and don over a caramel jumper that I got from M&S last year.  I wore some new grey skinny jeans from Next. (the slippers in the pic keep it real.)

It worked (I think ). 

Flush with success I tried it with a knitted dress for an engagement with my mother.

Have you got a faux fur scarf or gillet to top a jumper or dress this week?  A boxing day look perhaps.


I have added a couple of subsequent looks with this scarf below just so as the looks are in one place.  


  1. Missed your blogging, so pleased you're on the mend.
    Know what you mean with the faddy thing but you've nailed the nod-to. On boxing day I will be mostly making sausage rolls but will endeavour to jump to your Christmas call with a furry scarf or two.
    Merry Christmas to you, Mr Him, The Misses and AE X.


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