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My Challenge - Mustard and Grey

Dear Reader, as I started on this exercise I thought that the outcome would be that I had found an item to go on ebay.  I was startled to find that I have managed to find a look or two that would work. I did and here's how.

The exercise was set as a challenge by my blogger friend Mary, here.  I cringed when I read this as I had recently dug out a mustard tunic and wore it around the house, not terribly happy with it.  A bit dull in tone is my tunic. Mr Him likes it on me though  so I hadn't quite abandoned it. In my head I was going to try it with grey.  That stayed in my head and didn't get any nearer to my body for 3 weeks.  There were always better things to wear for whatever I was doing including housework and cleaning the chicken coop!  Yes, I really was not happy with the mustard top that much!

Monday saw me with a day off at home alone.  Home Alone, and try out the mustard, with grey.

Here it is. Drab, don't you think? Too columnar.

I added a grey and mustard scarf. Still drab. 

I tried a lighter tone scarf.  Not brilliant. Too much material. 

I tried my earthy toned Ilymix scarf.  Remember you can get 20% discount with Mutton_style20 at   

This was better as the earthy tones were closer to my face. It also turned the mustard into more of an accent colour and spreading the scarf across the shoulders made the look less columnar. I liked this one.  Tick. 

I tried a necklace in gold tones to lift the mustard rather than a scarf. Better but the tunic and cardigan together are shapeless and the cardigan with drop sleeves doesn't help. 

Structure is needed for my body shape. Cinching in at the waist is required to compensate for lack of shape elsewhere.   Better for a simple look for shopping. 

Add a scarf. Too much material now but good for the fridge aisle in the supermarket. 

My mustard and yellow scarf is less cumbersome.  

Getting there for an outdoors casual look if I changed my footwear. Slippers are 'keeping it real', folks.   I like this look too.  Another tick. 

Quick change of jeans to skinny and belting just the tunic.  A look for shopping. 

For interest I unbundled my scarf to show the necklace.  This is how I'd wear mustard and grey to go to a pub lunch of visit friends. 

I used a stack of natural wooden and leather bracelets with one token rose gold to add interest. My make up is non existent as I wanted to show the outfit improvements without adding makeup to the last shot. 

What did I learn?  This particular sludge mustard tunic needs to be the accent colour on me so its better hidden largely by a cardigan, poncho and scarves.   I need to add structure (belt, skinny jeans, not too voluminous a scarf.)

Thank you, Mary.  I think I got there in the end.  Now, dear reader, do you have 3 hours to make mustard and grey work for you?


  1. Oh Anna! You really have put in the hours on this challenge and I thank you. Lots!
    I did so enjoy seeing your rationale through yourjourney and yes, your last few looks were my faves, so your destination was spot on!
    Your dedication to the cause puts me to shame. If that's what you achieved on your day off, heaven's knows what you'd achieve if you were a pensioner luck me!!

  2. Quite like that, my sweet. Especially with the scarf.



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