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The Culprit - Bread Sauce and What I have worn over Christmas

Dear reader, if you read my more exciting blog you will know that I was dosed with Valium on Boxing day.  There is a story to this.  

Two year's ago I found myself in hospital with severe abdominal stomach cramps. Now, to put this in perspective the last record that the hospital had of me was a miscarriage 20 years earlier. In other words I am not a frequent flyer. On this occasion we decided we needed to rule out appendicitis as it was so unlike me to have hours of pain.  After various tests I was diagnosed as having had an abdominal migraine and it was clear that I needed strong pain relief so I was put on a paracetamol drip.  I wrote a slightly humourous blog on it.  I didn't know you all then, I wasn't going to share too much!

The pain lasted a week in a less intense form.  I managed going to work and to the theatre to see War of the Worlds.  However a colleague did say that she had IBS and this sounded a lot like that. I did my research.  There were so many boxes that I could tick.  Symptoms such as sudden stabbing pains that caused me to double up, that I had had for as long as I could remember. I hadn't realised that they were not normal.  

My colleague, bless her for being so open about such a personal topic, told me of the Fodmap diet. One thing I picked up from that is that bread, not toast, but bread, can be a trigger.  For the last year or so I have limited bread.  I eat toast at weekends as the toasting makes bread easier to digest.  This is the only change I made and what a difference.  No symptoms for  a year, until boxing day this year.  What did I eat the day before, bread sauce!  

Now, on to my holiday outfits. Note my gold slippers keeping it real, hah.

A black blouse, and statement necklace for a pub visit.  This was created from oldish items from my closet, just never together. I was pleased to put together an outfit that looked seasonal from fairly normal items.  The statement necklace, which you can barely see as it tucked itself in in the pic, pulled it together.  Excuse the photobomber. 

Burgundy blouse and leopard print scarf for a  pub visit (again).  I wore the necklace so as my top wouldn't be bare when I removed the scarf in the pub.  I liked the leopard and burgundy.  An easy formula to duplicate if you have the two in your wardrobe. 

A turtle neck is hidden beneath the scarf, believe me.  A turtle neck and long cardigan is so cosy. 

Something a little different, teal and grey.  I rather liked this colour combination.  It's one that doesn't spring immediately to mind for the Christmas season but I have noticed in my film watching sessions that there are more of these colourings appear as outfits. 

Velvet black jeans and burgundy blouse.  A classic and with the frilly sleeves this was a more feminine outfit for me.  I will be repeating this on New Year's eve. 
If you are up to challenges for the coming week then I challenge you to try grey and teal/turquoise for winter and/or burgundy and leopard print.

I'd love you to comment to let me know what you wore.


  1. An interesting post, Anna, so sorry to hear about your poorliness but great to see that Nurse Him was checking in on you, so caring. Bread sauce, eh, what a Trojan horse.
    Enjoyed seeing your nice combos and am well jel 're all the pub visits. I'm short on teal and burgundy but long on faux fur scarves so will post my efforts in a day or two, especially for you!

  2. The teal top wins with me. Beautiful colour.

    Yes, I've suffered with colitis for years, I feel your pain. That's very interesting about bread, I always assumed you had to avoid white bread.

    We are bread obsessed as a rule, but I will try cutting it out. I hope you're on the mend. H

  3. Well, well, teal and grey, done. Apparently. Thanks for spotting the combo on my recent post!
    Now, can you find some burgundy that I didn't realise I was wearing. And I don't mean red wine accidentally sploshed over my outfit!!!


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